Cool Ranch

I saw Cool Ranch play at the Root Cellar and I really loved their 3-piece indie rock sound. I also enjoyed the lyrics that range from silly and playful to quirky and fun. I like it when the lead singer Elliot screams.

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Unions is a rock n roll band. They rock! The band consists of Mike Jackson on lead vocals and guitar, Jeremy Brechbuel on bass, Mike Hoggatt on drums, Randy Jackson on Guitar and Vocals, and Kim Patient on the keys. Check out some cool photos of them playing a show at The Bishop and check out some tunes at:




The Cowboys

The Cowboys fuckin’ rip! I saw them play at The Bishop in Bloomington, Indiana and they killed it. Their members include Keith Harman on vocals, Mark McWhirter on guitar, Zack Worcel on bass, and Jordan Tarantino on drums. They blaze through a set of catchy punk rock songs that sound wildly aggressive with a nice melody and an upbeat tempo. They have some shows coming up in Indianapolis and St. Louis soon. Check out their live show if you get a chance, and check them out on Facebook at:

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Lexi Len and The Strangers


Lexi Len and The Strangers is a band from Bloomington, Indiana that features Lexi Minnich on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Jason Payton on electric guitar, Ryan Payton on bass, Matt Lundquist on pedal steel, and Mark Minnick on drums. They have a new album out called “Your Favorite Things” on Switchyard Records. It features 7 beautifully written country western tunes. This isn’t that bullshit pop country stuff you hear on the radio either. This is the real deal. They deliver raw heartfelt original tunes that stay true to the classic country sound. I saw them play live at Max’s On The Square and their live show is raucous, rowdy, and fun! Please check them out if you get a chance, and like them on Facebook at: They will be doing some Midwest touring soon.